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4DKankan Pro

Real-time Accurate Reconstruction, capture the World in 3D

Being equipped with eight HD lenses, 4DKanKan enables everyone to implement digital twins of reality within ten minutes.


4DKankan Pro realises the possibility of generating digital 3D space autonomously, measuring distance and size in real time, as well as recording 3D panoramic videos. It supports virtual roaming in the 3D space with 8K HD picture quality in 360 degrees.


8K Ultra-high resolution 360° virtual tours.


Portable design with light weight and the size of a beer can.


Automatic generation of 2D floorplan & 3D model.


½ scanning time compared to competitor systems with single-person easy operation.


Multi-media hotspots with commercial-orientated features.


Price competitive, ½ price of same level mainstream 3D cameras in the market.

Autonomous & Accurate Modeling,Automatic Distance Measurement

360° Immersive Virtual Tour with 8K Picture Quality

Real-time Panoramic Video to Create an Immersive Experience

10 Minutes to Start, Easy Operation

Autonomous Space Modelling in 10 Minutes (about 100m²)

Multi-Functional Editing Tool. Let Space Tells the Story

Industrial Applications

4DKanKan has reconstructed 3D digital scenes from fire-fighting, criminal investigations and museums, as well as contributed to industries such as real estate, hotels and accommodations, e-commerce, and catering to create brand-new experiences for consumers.

Technical Specifications