4K Interactive 360° VR Live Streaming

End-to-end 360° VR live streaming service - with 4K resolution, real-time delivery and interactive functions

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Up to 4K Stream Resolution

Ultra-low Latency


Cloud-based Solution


Interactive Experience


Multi-Experience Terminals

Global Distribution


Mainstream 360° Camera Support


​3rd Party Capabilty Access

Industry’s leading 360° VR live Streaming cloud platform and service with up to 4K stream quality, ~2s ultra-low latency and over 100 interactive functions. Support large-scale distribution around the globe, and industrial applications ranging from consumer-focus live events to industrial-focus surveilliance and etc.

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Enterprise-level VR Streaming System with Ultra-low Latency

  • High quality VR live streaming for large-scale distribution at different resolutions (SD, HD, UHD, 2K, and 4K), bitrates, and frame rates.

  • Support DRM and wide range of security options, including ant-hotlinking, HTTPS security acceleration, ULR encryption and etc.

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Commercial-orientated Design with Interactive Experience

  • Stream customisation support for full control of your message and brand with multi-platform VR Player SDK that can be easily embedded to your platform

  • Enhance viewer engagement and monetisation with streamer-viewer and viewer-viewer interactive functions.

  • Flexible pricing models including pay-as-you-go, subscription, semi- and full privatisation.

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Cloud-based Solution for Global Distribution

  • Browser-based streaming experience with no download or plug-in required

  • Easy stream pushing, editing and management with Arbor3D® LIVE web-based portal.

  • Partnered with market-leading cloud service providers and with over 1400+ CDN servers around the world to reach global audience and exposure.


Powered by Arbor3D® XR Cloud

4K Interactive 360° VR Live Streaming is based on Arbor Standard's in-house cloud platform Arbor3D® XR Cloud, support with ultra-low <1s latency high resolution VR live streaming capabilities, IoT connectivities, and third-party cpabilities access with current appliications in AI, Blockchain, Big Data, media streaming, GIS, 5G and etc. We welcome more partners to join our development of the future of spatial digitalisation.


<1s Ultra-low Latency Live Streaming Capability Extension*

Arbor Standard's latest in-house breakthrough technology to reduce high-resolution VR live streaming latency to under one second, empowering industrial application possibilities with real-time experience.

This technology is coming soon to Arbor3D® LIVE system.

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*The actual latency will based on the internet environment of the streamer and viewers.

Mainstream 360° Cameras Support

4K Interactive 360° VR Live Streaming supports mainstream 360° cameras with RTMP live streaming capability. Arbor Standard also offers selected 360° cameras for optimised 360° VR live streaming experience. Find out more about our cameras here

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Multi-Experience Terminals Support

4K Interactive 360° VR Live Streaming is based on Arbor Standard's in-house cloud platform Arbor3D® XR Cloud, providing browser-based VR live streaming experience with no download or plug-in requried.

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Technical Framework

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Industrial Applications

4K Interactive 360° VR Live Streaming is designed for supporting immersive marketing and operation management in different industries, and we are pround to assist our partners and clients to explore digitalisation solutiosn in their industries.

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