8K Cloud 360° VR Live Streaming

The End of Distance

Cloud Solution

Get away from your computer, and enjoy streaming anywhere with one-click to start and real-time cloud-based video stitching.

One Stop Service

Providing end to end services from video acquisition, live Streaming to playback, with supportive hardware purchase and technical support.

Ultra High Resolution

8K resolution quality VR live streaming with supportive Pilot cameras (Era, Lock, One)

Ultra Low Latency

3s latency with our real-time stitching and optical flow stitching algorithm. Truly real time 8K resolution immersive experience. 

Introducing 8K Cloud VR Live Streaming Solution

Cases of Application

8K Cloud VR Live Streaming Workflow

Arbor Standard 8K Cloud VR Live Streaming Solution Workflow

Bespoke supportive experience terminals solutions

for 8K Cloud VR Live Streaming Solution

VR Experience Showroom

Community-based Environment

图像 33.png

VR Experience showroom provides an community-based environment for viewers to watch the football match with their friends and family remotely. It is a suggested environment to apply our 8K cloud live streaming solution.

CAVE Experience Space

​Interactive Immersive Experience

Developed based on Cave Automatic Virtual Environment technology, CAVE Experience Space provides our 8K Cloud VR Live Streaming solution the optimal environment to provide interactive immersive experience. 

图像 34.png
图像 35.png

Internal Projection

External Projection

图像 35.png

No VR HMD required, no dizziness or hygiene problem

The 1:1 scale spatial reconstruction, 8K resolution, more realistic immersive experience

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