Arbor3D® XR Cloud System

Immersion, Interaction, Commercialisation

Web-based 360 Content Creator Toolkit to equip businesses with immersive marketing capability in ease.

360° Content Creator Toolkit

Web-based toolkit with 100+ functions and easy-to-use interface to support content creators to create sharable immersive virtual tours & 4K HD VR live streaming in minutes.

Aim for Your Success

Arbor 3D supports clients to create 360° contents with commercial-orientated features and complete preservation of creator's ownership over his or her content. Make advantage of this future technology today and be ready for tomorrow's challenges.

One-stop Solution

The Arbor 3D Team works with clients around the globe, providing 360° hardware and software. Backed by unparalleled service and support, the team delivers bespoke solutions tailored to match each enterprise's specific expectation. 

Arbor3D® TOUR

Immersive marketing(IM) solution

Empower your business with virtual space digitalisation and multi-media interactions. In the 5G new era, Arbor3® TOUR provide one-stop VR business solutions with hardware and software development and content creations.

Arbor3D® LIVE

End-to-end 360° Live Streaming Solution

Arbor3D® LIVE is born in the context of the development of 5G network, with the dedication of providing users a one-stop 360° live streaming solution, self-service 360° live streaming platform, and bespoke white-labelled 360° live streaming system.

Based on 5G+4K, 5G+8K, Arbor3D® enables point-to-point VR panoramic live broadcast. Enhance the channel of communication, increase the switching of seats, give rewards, barrage, deepen immersion and interaction.

Arbor3D® E-commerce

Virtual projections for physical stores & multi-channel distribution

Based on our interactive immersive 3D + VR technology, Arbor3D® E-commerce develops the next generation e-commerce platform combining physical store’s better experience and online store’s high efficiency. 

Arbor3D™ Digital marketing case

Arbor3D® Digital Marketing

Interactive panoramic posters & Immersive promo videos

Arbor3D® provide 360° immersive marketing tool with innovative interaction features and 5G ready technologies, with easy access for users to creative 360° content, which can be shared to social media by just one click. 

Supported Hardware

Pilot One (EE)
Enhanced Edition of the tiniest 8K smart 360° camera on the market.
Pilot Era
The First True All-in-One 8K 360 VR camera.
Insta360 Titan
The ultimate toolket for the master of VR shooting
Insta360 Pro 2
The right Pro toolket for Pro VR content creators.

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