CoReality Platform

Immersive Platform for Connected and Collaborative Reality

Remote reality interaction powered by extended reality(XR) visualisation and AIoT capabilities, driving smart, de-manpowered, and cost-effective digital transformations.

Creating a Coreality

Leveraging real-scene VR video acquisition technologies to rapidly construct three-dimensional digital twin enriched with spatial and sensory data, fostering an immersive experience and facilitating interactive engagement.

Unified Spatial Visualisation

Construct a coreality with real-time spatial and digital data

Complete visual data with 360° streaming for no missing angle and interactive flat streaming for no missing detail.
Insightful invisible data from IoT and GPS and more to keep track of all assets conditions in all locations.
Digital system data for shared knowledge data base with standard operational procedures.

Integrated Remote Interaction

Centralised command centre for global asset operation and mangement.

Remote device control (IoT devices, drone and robotics) with immediate and visualised feedbacks.
Multi-personal collaboration with built-in video conferencing capabilities for spatial co-work remotely.

Intelligent Operational Automation

Task-focused proactive appoach powered by artificial intelligence.

Image recognition and anomalty detection in real-time streaming to address issues before they become problem.
Forecasting and predictive maintenance to plan and optimise operations with insights into future events.
Conversational AI with natrual langague processing to assist the user in system management.

Why Us

CoReality is enhanced by proprietary XR interactive and AI cloud processing technologies, fortified with the VEoT framework and API-integrated middleware platform, and supported by software-defined hardware with embedded NPU capabilities.

Better Experience

Up to 8K resolution content with 150ms latency for multi-experience terminal support.

Lower Cost

Enable swift construction of spatial twin by utilising real-world streaming video capture.

Easier to Use

No-code spatial workflow with IoT devices mangement and AI capabilities deployment.

Open for Integration

Open SDK & API for developing customised applications that meet every project needs.

Enterprise Grade Security
and Compliance

Safegurding customer data is our top priority. Our software runs on world-class cloud infrastructure, with security and privacy protection built at every layer. Additional layers of security and privacy controls are available so you can use CoReality across your enterprise.

Built for Enterprise-scale Growth

CoReality takes full consideration of enterprises' demand in every step of development, allowing convenient integration with business's existing IT landscape.

SaaS Subscription

Annual subscription service run on world-class cloud infrastructure with regular updates.

Private Deployment

Private cloud deployment to meet enterprise needs for data security and interface customisation.

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We enable site interactions from any location, minimising field risks, enhancing management efficiency, and providing insights for site operation.

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