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Arbor 3D Work 360° Digitalised Daily Operation From Anywhere

360° Digitalised Daily Operation From Anywhere

Remote operational continuity with 360° situational awareness, real-time visual and data monitoring, and immediate action


Arbor 3D® Work is the ideal tool for changing the way companies operate daily

Arbor 3D Work Enhance Productivity
Enhance Productivity

Scene-based visual and data interface for informative decision making, and higher project visibility

Arbor 3D Work Ensure Reliability
Ensure Reliability

Real-time interaction with team communication to allow worker locational flexibility for handling all circumstances

Arbor 3D Work Guard Health & Safety
Guard Health & Safety

Avoid unnecessary risk for non-critical on-site staff, and allow them to work and collaborate remotely

Arbor 3D Work Coped with Reduced Staff
Coped with Reduced Staff

Ensure continuity in times of uncertainty with centralised remote experts to remotely support essential onsite works

Arbor 3D Work Be There

Be There


Gain a common operating picture of multiple sites with real-time 6K 360° live streamings' visual content as well as recorded video playback, allowing operators from anywhere to identify, document, and manage the situation.

Arbor 3D Work 360° Live Streaming

360° Live Streaming

Arbor 3D Work Multi-Stream View

Multi-Stream View

Arbor 3D Work Cloud Recording & Archive

Cloud Recording & Archive

Arbor 3D Work Video Playback

Video Playback

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Key Features

Arbor 3D Work see more for daily operation
Arbor 3D Work See More

See More


Achieve situational awareness with embeded integration of third-party compabilities, allowing operators from anywhere to have a complete and shared boots-on-the-ground understanding of the events on site with multiple sources of data

Arbor 3D Work 3rd-party Capabilities Integration

3rd-party Capabilities Integration

Arbor 3D Work Unified Data Interface

Unified Data Interface

Spatial Data Layout

Spatial Data Layout

Arbor 3D Work Secured Data Storage

Secured Data Storage

Arbor 3D Work Take Actions

Take Actions


Drive coordinated responses with multi-participant video/audio conferencing capability in a 360° environment, allowing operators from anywhere to collaborate and communicate with key stakeholders as the situation updates

Arbor 3D Work Video/Audio Conferencing

Video/Audio Conferencing

Arbor 3D Work Multi-Participant Session

Multi-Participant Session

Arbor 3D Work Snapshots & Annotation

Snapshots & Annotation

Arbor 3D Work Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

Arbor 3D Work take actions for daily operation
Learn More About Arbor3D Work

Learn More

Contact us to learn more about how Arbor 3D® Work can help your daily operation.

Arbor 3D Frame
Arbor 3D Frame

Be Onsite When It Matters the Most

Arbor 3D Work Immersive Command Centre
Immersive Command Centre
Rectangle 132.png

Manage multi-site operations with full situational awareness remotely in a single, unified, and integrated view

Arbor 3D Work External Expert Engagement
External Expert Engagement
Rectangle 132.png

Bring experts, consultants, or teams directly to your site without the cost of travel

Arbor 3D Work Problem Diagnosis & Solving
Problem Diagnosis & Solving
Rectangle 132.png

Remote collaboration among onsite technicians and remote experts to diagnose, correct an issue and verify success

Background Arbor3D® Work
Arbor 3D Frame
Arbor 3D Frame

Technology Fit for Purpose


Unlike traditional videoconferencing connects only people remotely, Arbor 3D® Work connects people and spaces in an immersive approach


Traditional Videoconferencing

Other 360° Live Streaming Platforms

Arbor 3D® Work

Remote face-to-face meetings connecting people in different locations

General live streaming platforms with 360° technologies, with product design to cover ranging from B2B to B2C

Dedicated for real-time management and collaboration on remote places with enterprise-focus design

Use Case

Field of View (FOV)

Max. Resolution

70° - 90°








2 - 30s


Multi-site View



Up to 20

Participants Number

Up to 100

Up to 20

Up to 50

Collaboration Tools

  • File/Screen Sharing

  • Interactive Whiteboard

  • File/Screen Sharing

  • 360° Snapshot & annotation

  • File/Screen Sharing

  • 360° Snapshot & annotation

  • Interactive Whiteboard

Remote User View

On-site User Control

Remote User Control

Remote User Control

Third-party Capabilities Integration

Embedded integration for third-party capabilities access


Embedded integration for third-party capabilities access

API for scene-based integration





Arbor 3D Frame
Arbor 3D Frame

How It Works


No technical expertise is required to host remote operation with Arbor 3D® Work. Follor the below simple 3 steps to empower your business with remote inspection within 5 minutes.

Arbor 3D Work Start the Live Stream
1. Start the Live Stream

Turn on the camera, enter the dedicated streaming link (for the first time only), and go live.

Arbor 3D Work Invite the Operator
2. Invite the Operators

Enter the dedicated meeting room, or start a new one in seconds, with system generated url link for guest invitation.

Arbor 3D Work Ready for Remote Operation
3. Ready for Remote Operation

Immediate access to all functions for offsite operators with one-click of the invitation link, in any device and from anywhere around the world.

Start Today with our Hardware Kit


Arbor 3D® Work Project360 Kit is a purpose-built starter bundle that includes all the necessary hardware and software for you to kickstart your remote training.

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