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Geneinno T1 Pro

The Deepest Light-Duty Industry Underwater Drone

Geneinno T1 Pro: better league

The industrial light-duty underwater robot equipped with 12MP camera that supports sonar, water quality detector, laser scaler and various extensions to fulfil needs of multi-scenarios.

Laser scaler2.png

Omni Scan Sonar

Water quality detector.png

Water Quality Defector

External camera2.png

External Camera

Laser Scaler

Geneinno T1 Pro with sonar

Geneinno T1 Pro with sonar

Dive up to 574ft

Up to 574ft with 3000 lumens LED, Geneinno T1 Pro is the professional underwater robot for deeper applications. The extra battery package extends the duration to 8 hours and the light up to 9000 lumens, T1 Pro offers a unparalleled deeper ocean exploration.


Duration up to 8H

6000 LM


More than 12MP EIS Camera

Utilized 1/2.3" SONY CMOS, T1 Pro captures 4K video and 12MP photo with wide-angle 160° field of view with EIS anti-shake feature, and it supports RAW/DNG format T1 Pro supports the external camera to check out the lower and seabed conditions.

Greater maneuverability

The lateral thruster gives T1 Pro the maneuver of 6 degrees-of-freedom, nimbler to fit narrow underwater area or caves. And T1 Pro tilts up/down up to 60o to capture the underwater footage in a spectacular view.


Omni Scan Sonar

Geneinno T1 Pro supports the omni scan sonar with 360° scan range for underwater search. In the complex area, regard the water visibility, it detects object beyond camera range and provides target identification. In addition, T1 Pro supports third-party sona (need to be customized).


Laser Scaler

T1 Pro laser scaler shoots two laser beams 75 millimeters apart. The size of the target can be analyzed via equidistant laser dots on the surface. The laser scaler could measure unusual objects such as underwater creatures, reefs and underwater structures at depths that divers cannot explore, saving time and safer.

Water Quality Detector

Geneinno-T1 Pro supports the multi-function water quality detector to check out the PH value, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen and conductivity of water instantly. And T1 Pro supports other detector too, applicable for underwater aquaculture, water quality monitoring, etc.


Robotic Arm upgraded

With exclusive buoyancy material around robotic gripper, T1 Pro will perform more stable, it can operate sampling, underwater salvation with various claw kits.

robotic arm 3.png
robotic arm1.png

For professional exploring

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What's in the box


Technical Specifications

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