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Getting Started


Getting started with Arbor 3D® Work couldn't be easier. Our software is designed to require minimal training and is friendly for all to use. Pairing with our standardised CloudXR inspection hardware kits, we help you to kickstart your projects right away.

Background Arbor3D® Work

How It Work

Minimal training required for onsite personnel and intuitive cloud software for remote participants to use Arbor 3D® Work. It's just like other everyday videoconferencing apps, but better.

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Arbor 3D Work Project360 Hardware Kit

Onsite Personnel

Easy-to-use software with off-the-shelf hardware that requries minimal training

Prepare the Session

Acquire your desired 360° hardware for the project, and start the live stream with our dedicated url link

Visit Arbor 3D® Hardware Store

Invite Participants

Enter the dedicated meeting room, or start a new one in seconds, with system generated link for guest invitation

Go Live

Start your session just like any other videoconferencing app, but with 4K 360° live streaming in sub-second latency

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Arbor 3D Work Remote Participant Experience
Receive an Invite

Up to 50 attendees from anywhere around the world can join your session with a click of the invitation link

Choose Your Experience

Full cloud-based experience with no download required, the attendees can join the meeting from PC, mobile, and VR headset

Connect & Collaborate

Immediate access to the live streams, cloud conferencing, as well as all collaborative toolkits and workspace

Remote Participants

Browser-based software with one click in any device to access to the full experience


How to Experience

Arbor 3D® Work is a web-based software that allows users to have an immeridate immersive experience with one-click of the link, no download or plug-in required.


Join with any modern web browser for an easy and convenient viewing experience. Explore a space by clicking and dragging to look around

Arbor 3D Work PC Experience

Click and enter the invitation link in Chrome, Edge or Safari to have the full access the experience without downloading app

Arbor 3D Work Mobile Experience
VR Headset

Click and enter the invitation link in Firefox Reality to have the full experience of the web-based system in an instance

Arbor 3D Work VR Experience
Learn More About Arbor3D Work

Learn More

Contact us to learn more about how Arbor 3D® Work can help your business

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Right Hardware for Every Project

We work closely with our partners - the best innovative brands in the panoramic industry to deliver you the most suitable 360° hardware for your project scope.


Visit our hardware store to purchase individual hardware or bundle designed for Arbor 3D® Work.

Arbor eStore

Right Licence For Every Scope

We offer packaged licence to our clients based on the project scope, with the flexibility of adding additional resource at any time to meet unexpected changes.

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Arbor 3D® Work Licence

Arbor 3D Work Cloud Service Top-up
Cloud Service

Cloud-related cost incurred by client’s activities on the platform will be deducted from the client’s account.

Arbor 3D Work Camera Licence
Camera Devices

The number of cameras (360°/flat) the client wishes to use in a live streaming session or a 360° meeting session.

Arbor 3D Work participant Licence
Meeting Participants

The number of participants the client wishes to include in a 360° meeting session. 


Solutions by Use Case

Explore how Arbor 3D® Work digitalise site collaboration workflow and allow stakeholders to be where it matters the most from anywhere and at any time.

Arbor 3D Work Remote Inspection
Remote Inspection

Remove distance restriction, minimise disruption to organisation and improve auditing quality

Arbor 3D Work Daily Operation
Daily Operation

Be on site in real time when it matters the most, and improve your inspection workflow with a complete site reality solution

Arbor 3D Work Virtual Audit
Virtual Audit

Remote operational continuity with real-time 360° visual context and site data monitoring, as well as immediate communication and action

Arbor 3D Work Site Training
Site Training
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