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Labpano Pilot Lock Global Distribution

– Arbor Standard –

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Arbor Standard (Global Distribution Partner for Labpano) are pleased to announce UK distribution of the Labpano Pilot Lock – Solid 8K waterproof 360° camera.

Solid 8K Waterproof
360° Camera

Key Features


Metal unibody


High-precision optical lenses

8K high resolution


Pilotsteady™ technology


Cold start at -40℃


IP67 rated

Labpano Pilot Lock -  Solid 8K waterproof 360° camera
Arbor Standard

Labpano Pilot Lock - Solid 8K waterproof 360° camera

IP67 Rated Protection

Providing the best quality, versatility, and rugged durability needed to meet your most complex and demanding requirements.

  • Unique and stunning design featuring a full metal unibody.

  • IP67 rated protection, enabling the camera to be water, sand and acid proof.

Optimal performance in extreme temperatures

Tested well performance in -40℃ ~55.

Built-in self-heating technology enables the camera to cold start at even -40°C extreme temperature. It also protects the camera from extreme high temperature that can reach 55℃.

Built-in self-heating technology

Cold start at extreme low temperature.

Pilot Lock is equipped with built-in self-heating technology, making the camera adaptive to extreme temperatures with the ability to cold start at even -40℃.

8K high resolution

8K 360° images with the best quality.

Equipped with superior quality compact four lenses and four built-in Sony sensors, Pilot Lock can capture the best 360° image quality with automatic colour calibration. In HDR mode, you can manually adjust the ISO and EV to meet your requirements.

PilotSteady™️ technology

Real-time stabilisation.

With advanced real-time stabilisation technology, Labpano makes your camera staty steady. Patented PilotSteady™️ stabilization with our intelligent shake compensation algorithm and a built-in 9-axis gyroscope achieve real-time correction and automatic compensation of video images.

Tech Specs


Scenarios of Application


Panoramic inspection

Smart city inspection has never been easier

360° indoor and outdoor 
security monitoring

Easy installation of monitoring systems


24/7 data collection

Metadata system enables Indoor and outdoor 24/7 data collection and management


Open ecology

Android system with open API

360° Live Streaming solutions

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Explore our 360° Live Streaming Software
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