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Arbor Standard (Global Distribution Partner for Labpano) are pleased to announce UK distribution of the Labpano Pilot Lock – Solid 8K waterproof 360° camera.

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Labpano Pilot Lock
Labpano Pilot Lock

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Labpano Pilot Lock
Labpano Pilot Lock

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Solid 8K Waterproof

360° Camera

Key Features


Metal unibody


High-precision optical lenses

8K high resolution


Pilotsteady™ technology


Cold start at -40℃


IP67 rated

IP67 Rated Protection

Providing the best quality, versatility, and rugged durability needed to meet your most complex and demanding requirements.

  • Unique and stunning design featuring a full metal unibody.

  • IP67 rated protection, enabling the camera to be water, sand and acid proof.

Optimal performance in extreme temperatures

Tested well performance in -40℃ ~55.

Built-in self-heating technology enables the camera to cold start at even -40°C extreme temperature. It also protects the camera from extreme high temperature that can reach 55℃.

Built-in self-heating technology

Cold start at extreme low temperature.

Pilot Lock is equipped with built-in self-heating technology, making the camera adaptive to extreme temperatures with the ability to cold start at even -40℃.

8K high resolution

8K 360° images with the best quality.

Equipped with superior quality compact four lenses and four built-in Sony sensors, Pilot Lock can capture the best 360° image quality with automatic colour calibration. In HDR mode, you can manually adjust the ISO and EV to meet your requirements.

PilotSteady™️ technology

Real-time stabilisation.

With advanced real-time stabilisation technology, Labpano makes your camera staty steady. Patented PilotSteady™️ stabilization with our intelligent shake compensation algorithm and a built-in 9-axis gyroscope achieve real-time correction and automatic compensation of video images.

Tech Specs


Scenarios of application


Panoramic inspection

Smart city inspection has never been easier

360° indoor and outdoor 

security monitoring

Easy installation of monitoring systems


24/7 data collection

Metadata system enables Indoor and outdoor 24/7 data collection and management


Open ecology

Android system with open API

360° Live Streaming solutions


8K Cloud VR

Live Streaming


4K Interactive

Live Streaming

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8K Cloud VR Live streaming: Cloud-based stitching


4K Interactive Live streaming: In-camera stitching

Panoramic Inspection solutions

Remote VR Inspection.JPG

VR Inspection Systems

Supplier of the Pilot Lock

Arbor Standard is a global distributor in the panoramic industry. Working closely with our product partners, Arbor Standard provides retailers competitive product price with services including extensive product training and sales support, marketing material, after-sales support and repair services. If you’re interested in stocking Pilot One or any of our other 3D/360 cameras, get in touch and let us help grow your business.

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