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Live Event Streaming

Stream your event in 360 degree to your audience with 8K/4K resolution and interactive features across any device

Boost your audience engagement with 360 degree live interactive experiences


Ultral-low latency

Deliver reliable and ultra-fast 8K/4K 360 live streams that let your audience enjoy real-time live content at the optimal bandwidths and video quality for any device



Using the latest cloud-based VR live streaming toolkits , we provide seamless & immersive 360° VR environments for online viewing and interacting



Configure unique interactive streaming environments with 100+ commercialised interactive functions including live chat, e-commerce and more customisable features


Bespoke service

Customise your VR live streaming infrastructure with powerful APIs, interface choices that put you at the helm, and end-to-end services from video acquisition, live streaming to playback.

Get a 360° VR live video stream with only 3 steps

Easy setup time

Our professional 360° live streaming team uses 8K ultra-high resolution 360° camera designed for VR live streaming to bring your audience real-time VR live experiences with reliable consistency and ultra-low latency at any device.



Interactive VR live streaming

Leverage 100+ commercialised interactive hotspots and more bespoke features and let your viewers immersive, engage and purchase in your live events. By delivering interactive video streams, you are able to reach audiences on your own terms.



VR live video controls and data analysis options

Tweak VR live video player controls endlessly. During your VR live video streaming, your have full control over your VR live experiences, user engagement and consumer purchases in your customised streaming dashboard with real-time data analysis toolkit.



Showcase Work


Ready to amaze your audience?

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