Proactive Site Monitoring with Full Visibility From Everywhere

Remote visual access to the sites through site cameras with artificial intelligence capabilities for enhanced operational efficiency.

Pain Points

Readiness of the Data

Multiple independent data sources without unified coordinates that causes barriers of understanding.

Limitations of Use Case

Existing monitoring system are purpose-built for surveilliance and lack of operational functionality.

Efficiency of the Management

Lack of unified platforms among horizontal business units result in managment challenges in complexity.

Key Features

Complete Site Awareness in 360°

Upgrade the existing CCTV systems with 360° cameras and environmental sensors to digitalise all site data without missing angle or depth.

Inter-camera Interaction

Multi-Stream View

3rd-party Capabilities Integration

Spatial Data Layout

Save Time on Virtual Site Tour

Repurpose your surveilliance system for multiple operational tasks, enabling remote visual site connection for tour, inspection and problem-solving.

Cloud-based Solution

4K Quality Streaming

Streams Display in Sequence

Video/audio Conferencing

Your 24/7 Virtual Site Supervisor

Embrace proactive monitoring approach to require your attention only when it needs to. (e.g. Safety issues, material availability, workers etc.)

AI Image recognition

Automatic alarm

Cloud Recording & Archive

Low-code Configuration

Built for Better Workflow

Impove Efficiency

Requires attention only when the system detect issue, enabling more efficient operational approach.

Time Saving

Eliminate unncessary downtime and conduct inspections in a fraction of the time without sacrificing quality.

Improve Quality

Keep projects in progress and fix issues with more visibility and better communication.

Integrate with Workflows

Extend your workflow with APIs and integrations to industry-leading applications.

How It Works

Repurposing your existing systems with a simple upgrade.

1. Deploy the Hardware

Deploy and install the cameras,sensors and network devices to the sites according the demand.

2. Configurate the Software

Enter the dedicated meeting room, or start a new one in seconds, with system generated url link for guest invitation.

3. Monitor the Sites

Immersively access to the sites with all data display in spatial order, in any device and from anywhere around the world.

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