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Arbor Standard are pleased to announce strategic partnership with Carbon Integrated Energy

On August 18, Arbor Standard and Carbon Integrated Energy jointly held a strategic partnership signing ceremoney and opening ceremony of Joint Laboratory of Energy Data Security (London) and Carbon Integrated Energy London Office. Due to the current pandemic, this event was conducted simutaneously in both Shenzhen, China and London, England by video conference. Mr. Bert Zhou, founder of Arbor Standard, and Mr. Qi Wang, founder of Carbon Integrated Energy have attended the event with their management team.

During the event, Carbon Integrated Energy has appoint Mr. Bert Zhou, founder and General Manager of Arbor Standard, as the company’s specialist on artificial intelligence and energy industry; Miss Tianran Yang, Senior Vice President, Innovation Institute of Arbor Standard, as the company's specialist on energy consumption and carbon emissions; and Mr. Kai Lam, Director of Arbor Standard and General Manager of Internaional Businessas specialist of energy data security.

(The signing ceremony. On the left is Mr. Wang Qi, the founder and president of Carbon Integrated Energy, and on the right is Mr. Bert Zhou, the founder and GM of Arbor Standard)

According to the signed agreement, the two parties will take the opportunity of jointly building the " Joint Laboratory og Energy Data Security (London)" to combine Carbon Integrated Energy's technology, market, brand and management advantages in the energy field with Arbor Standard's advantages in international talents, immersive technology innovations tohether, to have in-depth cooperation of product and market development in the topics of energy data security, immersive energy IoT, carbon trading and etc.

(The opening of the London office and joint laboratory in Shenzhen)

(The opening of the London office and joint laboratory in London)

(Exterior view of the London office building, 107-111 Fleet Street, London Fleet Street, London, England)

As a full range of high-efficiency energy-saving solutions provider and professional service provider in the fields of energy y and carbon-related technology, Carbon Integrated Energy has been delivering projects such as commercial buildings, industrial parks, data centers, large-scale cold storage and other fields. Withe the value of "low carbon and environmental protection" and "efficient use of energy", Carbon Integrated Energy has worked with wellknown universities around the globe for technology research, and have been applied in its energy IoT management platform, HVAC energy efficiency control systems, and etc. achieving a single-system minimum energy-saving rate of over 30% and a comprehensive energy-saving rate of over 25%. Carbon reduction goals.

(Offering Appointment Letters)

The signing of the agreement between Carbon Integrated Energy and Arbor Standard will surely further enhance its technical strength and further the domestic market development, accelerate the expansion of international market development, and utilise innovation and technologies to support global "2030 carbon peak, 2060 carbon medium "Harmony".

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