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Arbor Standard are pleased to announce the global distribution of Geneinno

Arbor Standard are pleased to announce that we are the global distributor of Geneinno - the leading solution provider of diving drones and underwater scooters. Geneinno is devoted to offer a better diving experience for marine professionals, underwater photographers and enthusiasts through ongoing innovative solutions that foster underwater exploration and development, inspiring people from all walks of life to engage with the ocean.

Arbor Standard distribute Geneinno products in the UK and the rest of the world:

Geneinno S2 : The most portable sea scooter monitored by smart APP.

  • Lightweight & Portable: Geneinno S2 is a very practical sea scooter to travel with. Weights merely 5.9lbs, you can take Geneinno S2 with you whenever and wherever since it built-in 97Wh battery. With smart app monitoring and GoPro compatibility, the S2 makes underwater sports fun for everyone.

  • Dive like a pro: With a depth rating of 98 ft, you can rely on the Geneinno S2’s durability to explore even deeper in your underwater adventures. The S2’s positive buoyancy makes it easier to maintain depth and helps prevent it from being lost in the ocean.

  • Compatible with 360 cameras: Mount your 360 camera in front of the Geneinno S2 and capture every spectacular moment in the ocean. If you don’t have a GoPro, you can attach a light instead and illuminate uncharted underwater caves.

Visit our website for more S2 information:

Geneinno Titan (T1) - Reddot Award Winner 2018 : The Deepest Diving Underwater Drone for Everyone.

  • With T1, everyone can have fun getting to know the ocean: Geneinno T1 is the first diving drone equipped with robotic arm - the most affordable underwater drone on the market with the highest available water pressure rating, yet it’s the deepest underwater drone with the 4K camera. Diving up to 492ft (150m) and extension support, farther than any other drone to date, so Titan can dive down and unravel the mysteries of the deep blue sea, while you stay high and dry, and enjoy the adventure.

  • Recover the Origin: Equipped with UHD 4K camera and 3000 LM light, capture the original scene of the ocean, seize the epic moment now! With its powerful 4K 30fps camera and streamlined, game-like control system, Titan can be your eyes under the sea. Geneinno T1 smartphone app gives you total control while piloting through a live video feed (1080P real-time live streaming) of your underwater drone. Capture stunning underwater images and videos, find plentiful locations to fish, or even carry out accurate technical inspections of underwater equipment.

  • More than shot: Not satisfied with the only visual feast? Geneinno T1 is able to extend your hand to touch the physical ocean world with the robotic arm. Pick up the gold coins like playing a game.

Visit our website for more T1 information:

Underwater photography

More 360 cameras in Arbor eStore:

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Established in London in 2018, Arbor Standard dedicates to provide one-stop 5G Cloud XR solutions to the global enterprise sectors by integrating leading technologies and market insights. Our business covers industrial solution development, product distribution and content creation. With the Hardware + Software + Content approach, we work closely with our clients in telecommunication, construction, tourism, media, healthcare,education industry etc, aiming to empower their businesses with immersive technology in the 5G era.

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