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Arbor Standard's Stereoscopic Smart Lamp has won the Red Dot Design Award 2020

Arbor Standard is delighted to announce that our 3D modelling device - Stereoscopic Smart Lamp has won the Red Dot Design Award 2020. Stereoscopic Smart Lamp has been stand out among 6,500 entries from more than 60 countries in this year's Red Dot Product Design Award and has been awarded the best innovations.

Stereoscopic Smart Lamp is an AI based 3D scanner integrated with a energy-efficient lighting. This lamp enables users to create high-resolution 3D images or models within 1-2 minutes with just one click. After the completion of the 3D scan, users can upload and edit their images or models with our 360° content creator toolkit - Arbor 3D to generate 3D marketing, virtual tour or 360° videos. These contents can be easily shared to social media or embedded to the website for showcasing products and promoting businesses.

Figure: Stereoscopic Smart Lamp

Figure: Stereoscopic Smart Lamp's detail display

Compared with traditional 3D models and 2D images, Stereoscopic Smart Lamp provides users with a much easier and portable 3D solution. Most significantly, the current 3D spatial data collection often requires a heavy 3D scanner hardware that is expensive and hard to maneuver, making the creation of 360° content costly in money and time. So with its shape of a regular lamp, Stereoscopic Smart Lamp resolves such a problem and lowers the entry barrier of 3D digitisation and 360° content creation. It allows businesses to quickly equip themselves with capability in 3D digitisation and immersive marketing.

Additionally, developed by our company Arbor Standard, this three-dimensional intelligent floor lamp manifestes our company's belief of "making extended reality(XR) easy, open and practical".

  1. The lamp is designed to reduce the cost of VR learning, lower the hardware threshold, expand the scope of application, and simplify the creation process of VR and 3D content making it as easy as producing a powerpoint.

  2. The lamp connects to the internet, allowing high compatibility, transmitting and exchanging information in real time.

  3. The lamp also offers various functions allowing it to be compatible with different scenarios and business goals. Such practical aspect of the lamp guarantees information security, flexible deployment, and global distribution of created content.

Rethink 3D Digitisation

Photos, movies and videos are the most typical applications of 2D spatial data, which allow future preservation, modification and viewing. 3D digitisation is an upgrade from this traditional two-dimensional spatial data.

Figure: 3D digital modeling of cultural heritage

Every spatial data reform has brought new content creation methods, business opportunities and creativity inspiration. 3D digitisation as the trendy reform has 2 significant aspects that adds on to the creativity production in our digital era:

  1. 3D Digitisation is an evolution from the traditional 2D media such as photography, videos, and newspapers.The interactive nature of the 3D digitilisation introduces novel experience that a 2D media cannot provide. More specifically, 3D digitisation enables the viewers to actively explore, collect, and filter information instead of being a passive recipients of overwhelming information.

  2. 3D Digitisation is not an entirely new technology which needs to cultivate and find its business market. Existing 3D digitisation market has involved in various industrial and cultural sectors such as museums, galleries, engineering and construction. It was reported that the 3D imaging and sensing market are expected to grow from $2.1 billion in 2017 to $18.5 billion in 2023. Additionally, novel applications based on 3D digitisation such as virtual tour, VR live streaming, panoramic posters and VR shopping have emerged, offering more business opportunities for individuals and cooperates alike.

Figure: Stereoscopic Smart Lamp working mode

Arbor3D XR Cloud System

Arbor3D XR Cloud System (, product of Arbor Standard, is a web-based 360° content creator toolkit to equip businesses with immersive marketing capability. It allows users to set up and edit virtual tours, VR live streaming, 360° images/videos and 3D models as easy as producing a PowerPoint slide. It also provides users web-based VR player that display all VR and 3D contents in multiple devices (e.g. PC, mobile, tablet, VR HMD) without downloading any app

Arbor3D XR Cloud System is designed for commercial use, supporting VR shopping, and emerging remote business requirements in the post-pandemic "new normal". These applications provide foundations for facilitating new business models and attracting more customers. For example, in the VR store, business owners can freely add and modify multimedia hotspots such as graphics, video, audio, etc. to display scenes and products intuitively and efficiently. Users can immersive experience the store in their home to purchase the desired products.

Figure: Arbor3D XR cloud system

Figure: VR virtual store

About Arbor Standard

Established in London in 2018, Arbor Standard dedicates to provide one-stop 5G Cloud XR solutions to the global enterprise sectors by integrating leading technologies and market insights. Our business covers industrial solution development, product distribution and content creation. With the Hardware + Software + Content approach, we work closely with our clients in telecommunication, construction, tourism, media, healthcare,education industry etc, aiming to empower their businesses with immersive technology in the 5G era.

To learn more about our 5G Cloud XR solutions, please visit:


Tel: +44 203 959 8315 (UK) / +86 755 2640 2920 (CN)



London Office: 107 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB UK

Shenzhen Office: 7/F Area B Konka R&D Building, 28 Keji South 12th Road, Shenzhen, CHINA

Chengdu Office: 1/F 129 Yingbin 2nd Road, Anren, Chengdu, CHINA

Hong Kong Office: 5/F Wayson Commercial Building, 28 Connaught Road West, HK

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