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Arbor Standard X SKT gallery launched Interactive Virtual Art Exhibition

With customers finding it harder to browse the curated artwork of galleries in person due to the pandemic, Arbor Standard partners with SKT gallery to launch 3D digital art exhibitions based on in-house immersive technologies.

Click and Enter the FAKE SPACE Virtual Exhibition

Following Boris Johnson's announcement of England lockdown last Saturday, all non-essential stores including galleries are facing closure for a period of minimum 4 weeks. Digitalisation of the art and culture industries are vital to continue the prosperity of the industry, and to continue the UK's lead in the globe in art and cultures. Arbor Standard offers in-house immersive technologies to digitalise galleries in three-dimension and creates an digital twin that is immersive, commercialised and user-friendly. Our gallery partner SKT gallery is launching their first virtual art exhibition powered by Arbor Standard's technology on 4th November. Follow our social media to get updates on the release of art exhibitions, and join us to experience this art exhibition of the future.

Arbor Standard X SKT gallery virtual exhibition

FAKE SPACE virtual exhibition

Time: 4th November - 4th December

Organiser: Arbor Standard X SKT gallery

Powered by: Arbor3D®

Technical support: Arbor Standard

Click and Enter the Virtual Exhibition

FAKE SPACE showcases of more than 40 artworks has been set up digitally in the virtual exhibition, featuring pieces available for sale from Italy, UK, and international artists.

The wares on offer include paints, sculptures and short films and range in price from £500 to over £5000. Buyers can directly contact SKT gallery and each artist individually to discuss a purchase.

Let's have a look at what you could expect from the virtual exhibition:

Abor3D® Interactive Virtual Art Exhibition: Arbor Standard have developed Arbor3D® - the first 360° virutal content creation toolkit in the UK - to create a digital twin of art gallery soace, at the same time, over 100 interactive features can be applied to the virtual space, offering an interactive and immersive browsing experience that builds on what you'd get in person and makes for one of the impressive virutal art exhibition tours around.

  • 360° view with VR modes:

The 360-degree movable panoramas provided by Arbor3D® allow you to approximate walking through the many artwork. You can easily browse it to the virtual exhibition with your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or VR goggles and headset, if you have them. With 360° views you won’t have to stretch your imagination too much to think you’re actually there!

  • Pop-up details of artwork (Invisible information hotspots):

Select individual artworks to open pop-up boxes with detailed descriptions, images, videos and audio guide explanations. Zoom in and view the artwork in full screen.

  • Immersive exploring tour:

Follow the arrow guides on the floor, skip from points to points, and jump to the area where you can be closer to your favourite artwork, or go back to the floorplan navigation to keep exploring. Let your fingers do the walking, navigate through the space, check the great artwork and hear the audio guides in our virtual exhibition!

  • Virtual artwork sale:

Click on individual artworks, and directly contact the gallery or artist for purchase. You would not be charged for the entry or website commission!

The virtual exhibition is a great opportunity to enable artists and galleries to come together to showcase their artwork virtually to ensure themselves are supported during the pandemic, while allowing gallery audiences to access art in an innovative and refreshing way.

From November 4th, you will be able to view the virtual exhibition. Artwork from over 23 artists will be for sale. Now sign up to our email newsletters and get the latest notifications of its release:


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