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Pilot Era 8K 360-degree VR Camera review

When it comes to professional panoramic filming, the main pain points in the 360 cameras market today are limited image quality, usability issues and cumbersome post-processing. The Pilot Era from Labpano takes a unique position to solve these problems by offering 8K resolution capability with real-time stitching, a built-in touch screen and Android OS.

Why is Pilot Era special


Pilot Era is a fully self-containing device in a compact form. It has a 3.1-inch touchscreen to enable instant preview or edit your footages and photos. Secondly, it comes with a user-friendly operation system based on Android OS, which also offers extendibility in applications. What makes it even stand out is that no post-processing is needed with the device, Pilot Era offers to stitch footage 100% in-camera, and in real time.

Labpano - the company behind Pilot Era was founded in 2012 by Alumnus of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, it is the largest panoramic algorithm supplier in the global market. Arbor Standard is closely working with Labpano to distribute Pilot Era in the global market and exploring different industry applications.

Who will use Pilot Era


As the camera is standalone, Pilot Era’s target market is not restricted to production companies and content creators. From aerial photography to conferences, tourism to events, Pilot Era provides 360-degree live streaming, and records at the same time directly to live platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. We have clients for this product in industries including media, real estate, building and constructions and tourism.

All of this makes the Pilot Era a fantastic and unique 360 camera, and something Arbor Standard is proud to supply.

Latest Update


Pilot Era has a price adjustment of £300 off from January 2021 in Arbor Standard eStore, you will only need to pay £2499 to own a one-in-its-kind 8K 360° VR camera that supports automatic virtual tour generation and VR live streaming. Come visit Arbor Standard eStore and get your own Pilot Era to boost your business.

About Us


Arbor Standard is a global distributor in the panoramic industry. Working closely with our product partners, Arbor Standard provides retailers competitive product price with services including extensive product training and sales support, marketing material, after-sales support and repair services. If you’re interested in stocking Pilot Era or any of our other 360 cameras, get in touch and let us help grow your business.

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