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Professional 360 VR camera - Built for cinematic VR.



  • 8× Micro Four Thirds Sensors: The largest sensors in any unibody VR camera, raising the bar for high-end VR capture.
  • Unparalleled Clarity: Shoot 11K mono and 10K 3D. VR has never looked this real.
  • Unshakeable Stabilization: With FlowState Stabilization and a 9-axis gyro, dynamic shots come out perfectly stable.
  • Colossal Color Depth: 10 Bit color allows for billions of color combinations and surgical accuracy.
  • Control from Afar: Long-range live monitoring with Insta360 Farsight.
  • CrystalView 11K Playback: Shoot 11K then playback full quality with CrystalView, even on mainstream smartphones and headsets.

Insta360 TITAN

    • 8× Micro Four Thirds Sensors
    • 11K VR Photo + Video
    • Farsight Live Monitoring
    • FlowState Stabilization
    • 360 VR live streaming
    • CrystalView 11K Playback
    • “No-Stitch” Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
    • 10-Bit Color
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