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Pilot One elevates Panoramic Photography to a whole new level. As the tinniest 8K smart 360° camera on the market, it is equipped with PilotSteady™️ stabilization technology, V-SLAM AI algorithm, and PilotLive 8K Streaming Solution.


With 4 sets of premium Sony sensors and 4 sets of ultra-high precision optical lenses, IP65 waterproof design, large capacity battery and storage, and a well-built 2.2-inch touchscreen powered by an intuitive and smooth Android open OS, Pilot One offers you an exciting experience to maximize your business potential and visual creativity!

Labpano Pilot One (EE)

  • Pilot One (EE) is born for outdoor 360° live streaming, providing the best quality, versatility, and rugged durability needed to meet your most complex and demanding requirements. 


    • Waterproof IP65 rating with aluminum enclosure
    • Tested well performance in extreme temperatures
    • Pocket size for outdoor live streaming
    • Standalone 8K live streaming 
    • Stabilization technology
    • Pilot Open System
    • Easy virtual tour and street view capture
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