• World's first and only VR camera that supports 8K live streaming with in-camera real-time stitching, no extra app and software required.
  • Latest Sony sensor in 2019, 10-Bit color video, DNG photo, internal stabilization and UFS make it one of the most reliable VR cameras on the market.
  • Without fan and unique liquid circulation cooling system enables it to live stream and monitor 24/7.
  • Capable of live streaming with both 8K & 4K at the same time, covering users for all devices.
  • Compact and light body with only about 600g with 150mm x 55mm x 55mm
  • Works with 5G CPE for live streaming on the go and with drone.
  • On-demand SDK will enable you to fully control the camera with your own branded app.

TECHE 360Anywhere

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