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Become a member of our partner network

Arbor Standard welcomes like-minded partners to join us to create a more immersive, practical and interesting "digital economy" and "commercial world", sharing the success in the 5G era.

Suggested Service Partner Profile

To become our service partner, we would suggest you have the following capabilities and/or resources.



Culture industry

Tourism Industry

Engineering Industry

Real Estate Industry

Media Industry

Telecommunication Industry


VR/Panoramic virtual tour production

VR/Panoramic video content creation

Event Live Streaming operation

Film and television media planning (VR)

Film and television media post-processing (VR/AR)

3D Object Modelling

3D Spatial Modelling

Marketing Planning (Digital Marketing)
Graphic Design (VR)


Service Partner Certification

Partners are required to be registered companies under its local law, with good business reputation

Partners with local client resources and networks are preferred

Partners are required to have reach our sales performance threshold in the yearly basis

Partners with a previous experience in the industry or related skillsets are preferred.

Partners have common values and beliefs, with willingness of long term collaboration

Service Partner Benefits

In order to build trust with Service Partners, to achieve mutual benefits, and to become the most valuable partners directly with customers, Arbor Standard provides Service Partner benefits and incentives.


Channel Partner

Helping clients choose the best products or solutions with the highest-efficiency deployment.

Service Partner

Create professional content for a wide range of business with products and solutions from Arbor Standard.

Solution Partner

Design, develop and implement all-in-one solutions for a wide range of industries with products and solutions from Arbor Standard

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