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Become a member of our partner network

Arbor Standard welcomes like-minded partners to join us to create a more immersive, practical and interesting "digital economy" and "commercial world", sharing the success in the 5G era.

Suggested Solution Partner Profile

We currently focus on the following partner types and will continue covering other types of solution partners. 



ISV: Independent Software Vendors

IHV: Independent Hardware Vendors

SI: System Integrator


Culture industry

Tourism industry

Engineering Industry

Real Estate Industry

Media Industry

Telecommunication Industry


Currently, the following industries and technologies are preferred for solution partners building solutions based on customer business needs. In addition, feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to explore the applications in your industry that is not listed below.




Streaming Media (Live streaming, Video & Audio)


Big data

Engineering Software System

VR/AR Hardware

VR/AR Software (Industry Application)

Note: We continually update the abovementioned list of industries and technologies based on market changes, and will notify partners by website publishment and email notification.

Solution Partner Certification

Partners are required to be registered companies under its local law, with good business reputation

Proven technical capability (develop, operate or integrate) is required for partners

Higher level of partners are required to meet certain commercialisation indicators to reflect the market potential of the solution.

Higher level of partners are required to provide yearly-based business plan (including solution roadmap, market size, competitive advantage, marketing & sales plan). This provides a clear and systematic guideline to solution integration.

​Platinum partner is required to assign a dedicated partnership manager for day-to-day activities to improve co-working efficiency and reduce redundant communication.

Blurred Busines People

Solution Partner Benefits

Official authorisation, various POC credit support and dedicated tech stuff support to help partner develop excellent solution.

All-round marketing support covering marketing material, online website demonstration, joint marketing events/ showcases etc.

Shared sales opportunity, shared clients resources, shared channel partner and industrial resource support.

Exclusive Product/ services discount, project support and online community/ seminar.


Channel Partner

Helping clients choose the best products or solutions with the highest-efficiency deployment.

Service Partner

Create professional content for a wide range of business with products and solutions from Arbor Standard.

Solution Partner

Design, develop and implement all-in-one solutions for a wide range of industries with products and solutions from Arbor Standard

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