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8K VR Live Streaming Camera


In-camera Stitching | Transcoding | Pushing
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UPS Storage
10 DNG Stack
IP65 Protection
10-Bit Colour
10-Bit Colour
360Anywhere has a powerful built-in processor that supports real-time stitching, transcoding and pushing for 4 streams of 8K VR live streaming. Streamers are now able to create two stream feeds (both 4K & 8K) to satisfy all types of viewing demand of the audience with multiple devices, saving the complexity and expense of thiird-party transcoding and cloud computing.
360Anywhere is come with built-in UFS storage, having higher data transmission speed and reliability compared to traditional SD card.

IP65 Protection Camera Design


Redefining the size of professional 360° camera

With only about 600 grams and 150mm x 55mm x 55mm, 360Anywhere can be easily carried around and work with drones perfectly.


Built for Aerial VR Live Streaming

10 Bit, Professional Colours

In aerial photography, the color depth of 8Bit image is not enough to express the gradations. In post-processing, the smooth gradation is very likely to produce colour breaks.

As an 8K aerial 360° camera, 360Anywhere natively supports 10Bit colour, which can record up to 1.07 billion colours, far exceeding 16.7 million colors under 8Bit encoding

8 Bit
10 Bit

10 DNG Stack

When DNG mode is on, 360Anywhere is able to capture 10 DNG pictures at a time, which allows you to have much greater control over your artwork when post editing for professionals.



Re-rendering every pixel in 3D space. With OpticalRender®, you have all the controls over your footage and bring up the best VR video.

Traditional Stitching
OpticalRender® Stitching

A Silent Listener

360Anywhere has a fanless design, using unique refrigerant cooling mechanism to deliver better sound details recording & live streaming experience


Built-in 30 meters Video Transmission

Built-in 2x2 antenna with high power 5GWIFI and super signal coverage; Effectively deal with the camera control problem in complex environment.

In addition to the body physical button control, the camera also supports network connection to the PC host for control.

Lens: Fisheye lenses x 4; 12MP each

Weight: ~600g


Photo Stitching: TECHE OpticalRender®

Sensor: 1/2.3". the latest from Sony 2019

Exposure Mode: Auto, Manual, Shutter Priority & ISO Priority

Audio: 2 built-in miniature silicon mic; Stereo

Video Resolution: Max 7,680*3,840 @30fps
Max Bit-rate: 
400Mbps (100Mbps x 4)

Storage: UFS 256GB (360Anywhere Plus); UFS 512GB (360Anywhere Pro)

Live Streaming Protocol: RTMP; RTSP

Battery Capacity: 6800mAh (360Anywhere Pro)

Power: 12V, 3A

Dimensions: 150mm x 55mm x 55mm

Wi-Fi: Built-in 2x2 antenna with high power 5G Wi-Fi; Signal coverage: 30 meters - 60 meters

Ethernet Interface: Gigabit Ethernet

Standalone Live Streaming

7,680*3,840 @20fps
5,760*2,880 @25fps
5,400*2,700 @30fps
3,840*1,920 @50fps

Live Streaming with PC: 7,680*3,840 @20fps

Video Color Depth: 1.0-Bit/8-Bit

DB: 0

Video Encoding Format: H.265/H.264

IP Ratings: IP65

Video File Format: MP4

Heat Dissipation: No fan; Unique liquid cooling system

Photo Resolution: Max 7,680*3,840

SDKControl, Configuration & Image reading

Photo File Format: JPEG, DNG

Operation Temperature: Minus 20° - 40°

Technical Specifications

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