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IP68 Outdoor VR Live Streaming Camera
Feature 2.PNG

Real-time in-camera transcoding

Real-time in-camera Stitching

Fully Enclosed Liquid Colling

Back-illuminated Image Sensor

Feature 1.PNG

Gigabit POE

Power Supply

8K Resolution Live Streaming


Starlight CMOS

Captures Every Pixel in the Dark

With 4 back-illuminated CMOS image sensors, 360Starlight is able to capture high image/video quality in the visible-light and near infrared light regions.



Other 360 Camera

8K Resolution Live Streaming Quality

Real-time in-camera Transcoding, Stitching & Pushing

1/1.8" sensor, pixel size 2.0μm, non-spherical fisheye lenses, 10bit, 24/7 live streaming, IP68, etc. all these features empower 360Starlight to be the most wanted 360 camera for your 360 live streaming business and video production. Help you to be a shining star in the 360 video production circle.

Sample Video by 360Starlight, Shanghai, China

360Starlight has a powerful built-in processor that supports real-time stitching, transcoding and pushing for 4 streams of 8K VR live streaming. Streamers are now able to create two stream feeds (both 4K & 8K) to satisfy all types of viewing demand of the audience with multiple devices, saving the complexity and expense of thiird-party transcoding and cloud computing.

Better & Proven Protection

With its fully sealed aluminum body and lens-level water proof design, 360Starlight can be used in most of weather conditions without the need for extra protection. It has passed the test for IP68 and the tests (military grade) for high/low temperature, vibration, impact and constant humidity.

Dome Waterproof Solution

Poor Abrasion Resistance

Easy-to-age in outdoor environment

Semi-Dome Waterproof Solution

Inconsistent curvature of the lens and the dome covered, undermining the imaging quality

Lense-level Waterproof Solution

Lens-level waterproof structure design

Clearly present the scene


Dome/Semi-dome Waterproof Solution

no dome.png

Lense-level Waterproof Solution

24/7 Operation Capability with Remote Control

Reliable and countable for long-time operation. The only one of its kinds supports continuous live streaming.

360Stalight's professional performance is fully released with TECHE CENTER remote control system, including its parameter adjustment system and real-time preview function.

Teche Control.png

Power Over Ethernet (POE)

360Starlight is POE-enabled, requires only one cable for both power supply and Internet connection. Allowing higher flexibility and lower cost & time required for installation of the camera, and improving the safety and reliability of the live streaming service.


Technical Specifications

Product Name: Teche 360Starlight


Lens: 4x190 F2.2 Fisheye lens

Sensor: 1/1.8"

Low illumination: Support

3D noise reduction: Support

Lens focal length: 2.3mm


Video & Image size: 7680*3840


Stream type: CBR


Main stream frame rate resolution: 7680*3840

Sub-stream frame rate resolution: 1920*960

Video compression standard: H264/H265


Video compression rate: 1-100Mbps


Audio compression standard: AAC


Audio compression rate: 320Kbps

Audio sampling rate: 48k

The internet supporting agreement: rtmp/rtsp/http IPV4/IPV6 TCP/UDP DHCP

Protection: IP68

Interface Protocol: 48K


WIFI Wireless standard: 802.11ac


Frequency Range: 5.765Ghz


Channel bandwidth: 40Mhz


Encryption: WPA2-PSK


Transmission rate: Up to867Mbps


Effective transmission distance: 15m


Network Interface: RJ45 1000Mbps


Working temperature and humidity: -30~45° 90% RH non-condensing


Audio input: USB


General Power supply: 12.6V/4A POE+


Power interface type: Aviation head


Device power consumption: 18W max


Material: Aviation aluminium alloy


Size: 172*68*68mm


Weight: About 1kg


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