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TOUR - Virtual Tour

360° virtual tour builder and platform for content creators in the metaverse era. It's never been easier to create virtual tours

Modular Design


Multi-dimensional interaction


Commercial orientation


Hassleless deployment


5G ready technology


All-in-one services

Empower your business with virtual space digitalisation and multi-media interactions. In the 5G new era, Arbor3® TOUR provide one-stop VR business solutions with hardware and software development and content creations

Key Features


Multi-display Terminals Supported

Simply scan the QR code or click the link to access the immersive experience, no extra effort required.

Featured interactive functions

Enhance viewers' content interactive experience with attractive functions including user rewards, panoramic special effects and viewer history.


Social interaction function

Support clickable call-to-action for viewers to better interact with peers in the 360° content.

Multi-media interactive enhancement

Add information points in the 360° content with text, picture, audio and/or video to enhance your communication.

VR Mode

Click the VR mode, you can easily experience the panorama by wearing a VR cardboard, without leaving home. Now enjoy the scenic scenes of eating, drinking, playing and having fun.

Powered by Arbor 3D® XR Cloud

Cloud-based 360° Content Creation and Distribution Service

Quickly produce commercial 360° content with high interactivity and extendibility and distribute via multiple channel. Use it to let space tell the story and ultimately empower every business

图像 5.png

Shoot/create raw 360° content using customized 360 camera

• Plain 360° Photos
• Plain 360° videos
• Plain 360° Video Stream

Upload/stream 360° content to the cloud via cellular or Wi-Fi, and pre-processed for further editing
• Cloud Stitching
• Cloud Transcode

Edit 360° content using cloud-based multifunctional editor to increase practicability and interactivity
• Interactive 360° virtual tour
• Interactive VRStore
• Interactive 360° live streaming
• Interactive 360° poster and promotion video

Multi-channel and Multiplatform distribution to boost exposure and business opportunity

• Social media platform
• E-Commerce platform
• Local life service platform
• PC/Mobile/VR Headset

Why Use Virtual Tours

A virtual tour is an interactive digital space of an existing location. Put simply, your clients can view a location from anywhere via their phone or computer in full 360°.

Shot using an panoramic camera with ease, properties featured with virtual tours get 95% more phone inquiries, they’ve become the bare minimum for showcasing property, and with the best cameras on the market they’ll be more than that.

Arbor3D™ Live

"Panorama provides a new way to perceive and interact with the world, which will profoundly change the lives of all walks of life and people. We use a combination of the world's most advanced equipment, platforms, technologies and business models, such as 5G, VR, and cloud computing, to create a range of industry solutions that empower and create value for business. "

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