Comprehensive visual and Invisible data -  at any angle, real time, all in one platform.

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Virtual Environment of Things (VEoT)


360° VR Live Streaming


Internet of Things


3rd-party Capabilities Access


Cloud-based Solution


<1s Ultra-low Latency


Data Analytics


Geographic Information System


8K/4K Image Quality

Virtual Environment of Things provides a cloud-based information and management platform that consists high resolution 360° VR and 2D live streaming, IoT sensors' data readings and actuators' controls, and extended capabilities access including AI, Big Data, GIS etc,. With the essence of efficiency improvement, it allows all stakeholders to "be there, see more, and take actions"

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Be There

Rimless 8K/4K 360° VR live streaming with ultra-low latency, together with picture-in-picture 2D live streaming to immerse yourself with no missing angle in any place and time.

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4K Interactive VR Live Streaming Solution
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See More

Internet of Things for the presentation of environment's invisible data such as temperature, humidity gas etc, providing comprehensive information for decision-making.

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Take Actions

Connected actuators for immediate remote control and action, supported with extended capabilities such as AI, Big Data, GIS etc, to assist the management.

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Powered by Arbor3D® XR Cloud

Virtual Environment of Things is based on Arbor Standard's in-house cloud platform Arbor3D® XR Cloud, support with ultra-low <1s latency high resolution VR live streaming capabilities, IoT connectivities, and third-party cpabilities access with current appliications in AI, Blockchain, Big Data, media streaming, GIS, 5G and etc. We welcome more partners to join our development of the future of spatial digitalisation.

The Next Generation of Digitalised Management & Control

From remote inspection and control to daily operation and analysis, stay up-to-dated of the project at anywhere, in any time.

Enhance Information Presentation

High resolution 360° VR live streaming with real-time IoT sensor data, presented in an intuitive interface with no missing angle or detail.

Improve Management Efficiency

Integrated virtual environment of things for "panoramic-based slack" management system, supported with extended intelligent capabilities (e.g. AI, Big Data, GIS, etc,.)

Reduce Economic Cost

Sustainable workflow powered by automation of the connected devices and remote inspection, control, and management by the experts.

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Technical Framework

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Industrial Applications

Virtual Envonment of Things (VEoT) is designed for supporting project management and operation in different industries, and we are pround to assist our partners and clients to explore digitalisation solutiosn in their industries.





Smart City

One-Stop Solution Process

Arbor Standard Provide One-stop solution for clients to adopt Virutal Environment of Things, including hardware supply and sourcing, software bespoke development and deployment service.

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Hardware Supply

Optimising performance with market-proofed partnered and in-house hardware

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BeSpoke Software

To make your system yours, with IoT sensors and actuators on request.


Deployment Service

Flexible deployment options, including public & private cloud deployment. Support white label solution.