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Redefine Remote Interaction with Extended Reality and Real-time Media

What We Offer

Immersive Cloud Extended Reality (XR)

Powered by proprietary cloud engine, SaaS toolkits, stream media transcoding and image rendering technologies 

Arbor 3D® Work

Work 产品图.png
Immersive live VR remote collaboration software designed for industrial enterprises

Arbor 3D® Life

LIFE 产品图.png
All-in-one immersive marketing toolkits designed for content creators in the metaverse era

Our Solutions

Industry-tailored Immersive Digital Transformation

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Key Features

From Static to Dynamic Content, We Have It All Covered


TOUR - 360° Virtual Tour

360° Virtual Tour Builder For Content Creators In The Metaverse Era

Cloud-based editor with 100+ commercial-orientated functions in easy-to-use interface

Web-based virtual tour player that is easily share, embed and add to listings

Multi-experience terminal that supports one click to view without download

Complete immersive experience with unified virutal tour, 360° video & live streaming

To learn more about Arbor 3D Work's immersive remote collaboration features

360° Cameras & More

One-stop Hardware-Software Solution

We work closely with our partners - the best innovative brands in the panoramic industry to deliver one-stop hardware-software solution in the industrial applications

Why Us

Leading Technological Innovation With Global Market Insight

Over 15 Years Combined Efforts and Industrial Experience
CloudXR Spatial Visualisation
CloudXR Spatial Visualisation
Ultra-HD Video Rendering
Ultra-HD Video Rendering
Sub-second Stream Transcoding
Sub-second Stream Transcoding
Visual Tracking Rendering
Visual Tracking Rendering
AIBC Integration
AIBC Integration
MEC Edge Cloud Structure
MEC Edge Cloud Structure

Our Partners

Global Partner network for the best solution results and the maximisation of delivery

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