Proactive Site Monitoring with 360° Visibility From Everywhere

Remote visual access to the sites through site cameras with artificial intelligence capabilities for enhanced operational efficiency.

Pain Points

Massive Explosion in Video Data Volume

The surge in video data generated and stored results from higher resolution, increased usage and applications.

Lack of Cross-system Information Sharing

Multiple independent data sources without unified coordinates that cause barriers of understanding.

Spatial Intelligence Disconnected from Business

Lack of unified platforms among horizontal business units result in management challenges in complexity.

Key Features

Complete Site Awareness in 360°

Enhance existing CCTV systems by integrating them into a unified operational system with 360° cameras, business systems, and environmental sensors. Digitise all site data comprehensively, capturing every angle and depth seamlessly.

Streams Display in Sequence

Multi-Stream View

Spatial Data Layout

Zero-code Visualisation Editing

Multi-dimensional Data Interaction

Enhance operational efficiency and accuracy in production inspection, issue diagnosis, and safety management through unified interface of video surveillance, IoT, and business systems, leveraging preset strategies and real-time alerts.

Inter-camera Interaction

IoT Devices Interaction

Business Process Interaction

3rd-party Capabilities Integration

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Utilising AI image recognition and IoT to conduct 360° automated monitoring of equipment, personnel, and environment. Automatically archive and proactively alert anomalies, reducing maintenance workload and enhancing diagnostic efficiency.

 AI Object recognition

 Automatic alarm

Cloud Recording & Archive

Low-code Configuration

A Glance of the System

360° Real-time Visuals

Unified fragmented surveillance visuals with 24/7 360° view to provide comprehensive site observation. With IoT data and business info integration for an intuitive, real-time monitoring and collaboration.

Inter-Camera Interaction

Support integration with mainstream PTZ cameras to allow users intelligently zoom, recognise, and track objects within the 360° live view, enabling monitoring with no missing angle and depth.

Zero-code Spatial Editing

Add and edit AR annotations on 360° live or recorded videos with our in-house editor, supporting multiple media formats, IoT assets, and data for cost-effective construction of spatial visualisation applications.

AI Recognition and Analytics

AnAnalyse live video streams in real time for abnormal behaviours, equipment issues, and safety hazards. Cross-referencing IoT data for timely and accurate anomaly detection without replacing existing devices.

Proactive Monitoring

Enable customisable automated monitoring proactively to collect device status, real-time images, and environmental data for analysis. It intelligently alerts anomalies and defects, automatically generating inspection reports for proactive monitoring.

Application Scenarios

Built for Better Workflow

Improve Management Efficiency

Requires attention only when the system detects an issue, enabling more efficient operational oversight, issue response and team coordination.

Reduce Operational Cost

Decrease manpower dependency, saving time and costs for maintenance while reducing downtime and expenses due to human errors.

Improve Safety

Minimise personnel exposure to hazards, reducing accident risks. Automate repetitive tasks to decrease errors, enhancing production safety.

Maximise Rate of Return

Avoid redundant investment by reusing existing hardware, and repurposing them with additional hardware and intelligent cross-system integration.

How It Works

Repurposing your existing systems with a simple upgrade.

1. Deploy the Hardware

Deploy and install the cameras, sensors and network devices to the sites according the demand.

2. Configure the Software

Configure inter-camera interaction, sensor data display and AI automation rules before going live.

3. Monitor the Sites

Immersive access to the sites with all data displayed in spatial order, in any device and from anywhere around the world.

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