360° Remote Site Experiential Training and Learning

Remote training solution with accessible location-based context and engaging interactions in a cost-effective manner.

Pain Points

High Cost

In-person and traditional VR training solutions are both costly in time and required material.

Low Quality

Video materials lack interactivity, are disconnected from the work environment.

Safety Risk

Trainee errors on the functioning work floor compromise production quality and lead to operational disruptions.

Shortage of Trainers

Shortage of skilled workers leads to a scarcity of the best practices, resulting in lower training efficiency.

Key Features

Be There

Virtual exploration of actual sites with CoReality's real-time 360° live streaming, allowing trainees from anywhere to learn by seeing without missing an angle. Cloud recorded streams and pre-recorded videos are also supported for trainees to observe and repeat till perfection.

360 Live


Cloud Recording


Learn More

Complete situational awareness with embedded integration of third-party capabilities, allowing trainees from anywhere to collect situational information from multiple sources of data and deepen site understanding from multiple perspectives of data.

3rd-party Capabilities Integration

Unified Data Interface

Spatial Data Layout

Secured Data Storage

Take Actions

Active learning environment with multi-participant video/audio conferencing capability in a 360° environment, allowing trainees from anywhere to learn by collaborating using interactive tools with the space as well as each other.

Video/audio Conferencing

Multi-participant Session

Snapshots & Annotation

Interactive Whiteboard

Application Scenarios

Remote training solution built for more accessible immersive experience

Operational Training

Hands-on Training procedures for remote trainee in 360° real-time demo and recorded video playback.

Safety Training

Ensure a risk-free safety training environment for site and machinery operation without compromising quality.

Method Transfer

Real-world cases as model specific processes for the team to observe, learn and meet the standard.

Built for Better Workflow

CoReality is delivering an experiential method for companies to conduct training with higher efficiency and lower risk.

Operational Training

Create a scalable and risk-free training solution with immersive experience, at a fraction of the cost of in-person training.

Ease of Implementation

Traditional VR training solutions require creating an entire 3D environment, with us simply require a 360-degree camera.

Better Accessibility

Join the remote experience immersively via all devices, ranging from PC, mobile to VR headset, without onsite operational disruption.


Use both real-time live and pre-recorded capabilities for a variety of training use cases, with video-conferencing for tutoring.

How It Works

Just like any videoconferencing apps, with an extra camera.

1. Start the Live Stream

Turn on the camera, enter the dedicated streaming link (for the first time only),
and go live.

2. Invite the Trainees

Enter the dedicated meeting room, or start a new one in seconds, with a system generated url link for guest invitation.

3. Ready for Location-immersed Training

Immediate access to all functions for offsite trainees with one-click of the invitation link, in any device and from anywhere around the world.