Remote Collaboration for On-Site Meetings

Digitalise site collaboration workflow in 360° live, and bring stakeholders on site virtually and instantly.

Pain Points

No viable digital solution in the market for remote site collaboration.

Physical visits for effective site collaboration are crucial, but costly

High direct cost (e.g. Flight, hotel Expenses)

Low productivity (e.g. Staff downtime)

Existing technologies are poor substitutes for physical site collaboration

Videoconferencing is for faces, not places

Digital twins are for documentations, not conversations

Key Features

360° Visibility in Real Time

Live immersive experience for distanced site visits with 360° context and multi-stream view in one interface to look around freely.

360 Live


4K Quality


Share Immersive Experience

A simple web link share for anyone to access the complete 360° collaboration from all devices. No app download required.


Video/audio Conferencing

Multi-participant Session


Organise and Manage Assets

View onsite assets' data to assist insightful decisions and easily manage site captures and connected assets for team collaboration.

3rd-party Capabilities Integration

Unified Data Interface

Spatial Data

Cloud Recording
& Archive

Built for Remote Site Collaboration

360° Annotation

Annotate POI directly on live 360° content to share and to archive

IoT Data Display

Complete remote environmental awareness with invisible data display

Meeting Assets Management

Easily manage site captures and other assets for team collaboration

GPS Fleet Tracking

Keep track of the real-time geolocational data of the site visual

Technology Fit for Purpose

CoReality is purpose-built for collaboration with context.

Application Scenarios

Built for Better Workflow

CoReality creates a connected and collaborative reality, enabling teams to meet on site - virtually.

Reduce Collaboration Cost

Save time & money on business trips

Improve Work Efficiency

Unified platform for collaborative workflow

Ensure Employees' Safety

Reduce in-person visits to hazardous environment

Foster a Greener Future

Reduce collaboration-related carbon emission

How It Works

Just like any videoconferencing apps, with an extra camera.

1. Start the Live Stream

Turn on the camera, enter the dedicated streaming link (for the first time only), and go live.

2. Invite the Collaborators

Enter the dedicated meeting room, or start a new one in seconds, with system generated url link for guest invitation.

3. Ready for Remote Collaboration

Immediate access to all functions for remote participants with one-click of the invitation link, in any device and from anywhere around the world.