CoReality Hardware

End-to-end Hardware Support

We provide a wide range of purpose-built hardware tailored to your project's needs and seamlessly integrated with our software.

360° Cameras

Be your eyes of the distanced sites with omnidirectional field of view, we hand-pick some of the most advanced commercial 360° cameras ideal for live streaming with our software across various project requirements.

Smart Devices

Be your senses of the distanced sites to ensure no missing details, even the invisible ones. We provide purpose-built hardware that meets your project demand. If you need more, approach us for a customised solution.

Drone & Robotic

Be there at the desirable viewpoint with remote manual control or automatic route settings, we select the best hardware in the market to pair with our software to enable unmanned remote site experience and interaction.


We partner our hardware manufacturers to provide the best immersive experience for our clients in the era of spatial computing. Bespoke solutions are offered according to clients budget and space, contact us to learn more.

Hardware Kit

Too much equipment to decide? Here are hardware kits with components tested and refined by us to help you kickstart your remote experience journey according to your project requirement. Contact us if you have a bespoke hardware kit requirement.

Our Solutions

Connect Your People to
Your Sites

We enable site interactions from any location, minimising field risks, enhancing management efficiency, and providing insights for site operation.

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