Full Visibility Site Inspection & Audit From Everywhere

Be on site in real time when it matters the most, and improve your inspection and audit workflow with a complete reality interaction solution.

Pain Points

No viable digital solution in the market for remote site inspection.

Travel Cost

Distanced locations incur high travel costs for in-person inspection, as well as corresponding inspectors' downtime.

Geographical constraints

Certain locations may be challenging to access due to geographical barriers or adverse conditions.

Safety Risks

Some industries may involve hazardous environments or conditions that pose risks  to the safety of inspection personnel.

Human Errors

Complex in-person inspection process and data documentation make it prone to human errors.

Data Accessibility

Traditional inspections may experience data access delays due to the physical transportation or on-site processing of inspection data.

Documentation and Reporting

Manual recording is prone to omissions, while paper forms are difficult to store, manage, and analyse.

Key Features

Walk the Floor in Real Time

Live immersive experience for distanced site visits with 360° context and multi-stream view in one interface to look around freely.

360 Live


4K Quality


Better than In-Person

Complete situational awareness with multiple sources of data presented in a unified interface, including IoT, GPS, LiDAR etc.

Capabilities Integration

Unified Data

Spatial Data Layout

Secured Data Storage

Record and Review

Inspection and audit sessions can be recorded for later individual or team review with a CoReality meeting, all in the same platform.

Video/audio Conferencing

Multi-Participant Session

Snapshots & Annotation

Interactive Whiteboard

Application Scenarios

Asset & Facility Inspection

  Conduct thorough remote walkthrough to ensure facility’s assets and operations' status.

Quality Assurance

Ensure products and services meet the defined quality standards from anywhere.

External Expert Engagement

Bring experts, consultants, or teams directly to your site without the cost of travel.

Built for Better Workflow

Improve Efficiency

Conduct inspections and audits faster and more frequently, even with limited resources.

Time Saving

Eliminate unnecessary downtime and conduct inspections in a fraction of the time without sacrificing quality.

Enhance Safety

Avoid unnecessary risk for inspectors, especially when it comes to inaccessible and high-risk environments.

Visibility On Demand

Complete site visibility at any time, without the delay of the next in-person visit.

How It Works

Just like any videoconferencing apps, with an extra camera.

1. Start the Live Stream

Turn on the camera, enter the dedicated streaming link (for the first time only),
and go live.

2. Invite the Inspectors

Enter the dedicated meeting room, or start a new one in seconds, with a system generated url link for guest invitation.

3. Ready for Remote Inspection

Immediate access to all functions for offsite inspectors or auditors with one-click of the invitation link, in any device and from anywhere around the world.